President Donald Trump and Democratic nominee Joe Biden are campaigning in rival states in the Midwest on Friday. But with the coronovirus crisis, the two have taken an opposite position than each other. At a rally in Michigan, Trump mocked Laura Fox Graham, a presenter at Fox News, by wearing a mask. Biden called on Americans to wear masks to save lives in Iowa. American media NBC News reported.

The US presidential election will be held on Tuesday. Nationally, Biden is slightly ahead of Trump in opinion polls. However, this slight difference can be eliminated in four days. As a result, it has been difficult to predict who will win the election. Already 65 million people have voted. Out of this, 5 crore 50 lakhs gave postal votes. The idea is to have the most votes in a century.

With just four days to go before the election, Trump and Biden held three rallies in Midwestern states on Friday. Prior to Michigan, Trump rallied in Wisconsin and Minnesota. And before Biden left for Iowa, he rallied in Minnesota and Wisconsin.

In a speech to an airport terminal in Waterford, Michigan, Trump highlighted the dangers of coronovirus and the need for action to prevent infection. He made the remark at a time when 90,000 new infections have been recorded in the country and around 1,000 people have died.

“If you get infected, you will get better,” Trump said. Then your body will become resistant to the virus. This is the whole point and it will go away. However, the vaccine will help.

At one point in his speech, the Fox News presenter made fun of Ingrah for wearing a mask. He said, truth! Are you wearing a mask? I never saw him wearing a mask, saw for myself. Ah !, he is politically correct.

Trump also said in Michigan that the death toll in Corona in the United States is higher due to a doctor-related scandal than in any other country. This scam is being implemented to earn money from the insurance company.

Biden took the opposite position in Iowa. At the rally, he introduced healthcare worker Ross Daniels. Whose father died in Corona.

Biden reacted angrily to Trump’s comments about chordoviruses. He said Trump kept the white flag in line with the rate. This is leading to the loss of American lives and the destruction of Iowa’s economy.

Biden said Donald Trump is reluctant to accept science. Scientists from the Trump administration say that 100,000 lives could be saved this year by wearing masks.

The Democratic nominee called for wearing masks to save everyone’s life. He said, “I will not stop the country’s economy.” I will stop the virus.

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