A second debate will be held virtually between US President Donald Trump and Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden. The organizing body of the debate has announced in ‘The Commission on Presidential Debates’. This information came from a report by the British media BBC.

The following Thursday (October 15) was the day before the debate between the two presidential candidates. However, after the first debate, Donald Trump was attacked by Corona. He was later hospitalized. However, after three days in the hospital, he is now receiving treatment at the White House. Meanwhile, the decision to virtually hold a second debate was announced.

However, Donald Trump’s doctors say Trump has not had any symptoms of Corona for the past 24 hours. However, the Commission on Presidential Officers said that both opposition candidates would take part in debates from far-off places.

Democratic candidate Joe Biden on Wednesday announced his position against participating in a second debate with President Trump if his body still contained coronovirus. “I don’t think if he (Trump) is still a coward, then there should be a debate between us.”

Meanwhile, Democratic Kamala Harris and Republican candidate Mike Pence are embroiled in a heated debate between the two vice-presidential candidates in the final debate before the US presidential election.

Incidentally, there were three disputes between the presidential candidates before the US presidential election. The first debate between Trump and Biden took place on 29 September. Because of Trump’s role, the controversy has already been called the most blasphemous in American history.

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