There is only one week left before the US presidential election. The final two candidates, Donald Trump and Joe Biden, are campaigning in the last-one campaign. One is the current chairman, the other is the former vice president. Both have their eyes on ‘battleground’ or ‘oscillation’, which are important in resolving the electoral dilemma.

Nobody wants to miss the states that wobbled in the White House ticket battle. As a result, a strong campaign is going on in highly competitive states. The electoral travel scheme of the two main candidates shows the importance of competition in different states.

Across the country, Biden is 8 to 9 percentage points ahead of Trump. But half the results of elections depend on where the body elections are fought. Trump is heading to three Midwestern states, Michigan, Wisconsin and Nebraska, where he defeated Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton in 2016. He is trying to get votes for a second term. However, the poll shows Trump trailed in Michigan and Wisconsin. However, he is ahead in the reliable Republican state of Nebraska.

Biden, meanwhile, is openly convinced that he is a bit aggressive. He is campaigning in two places in the southern state of Georgia. Democrats have not won in Georgia since 1992. Polls show that Biden and Trump are in almost the same position to get votes in the state’s 16 electoral colleges.

As per the rules, the candidate who gets the most votes in the state wins all the electoral votes of that state. As a result, both Trump and Biden are eager to get a majority of 260 votes at the 537-member Electoral College. Source: Voice of America

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