Trump boasted protection from the Saudi Crown Prince

Star journalist Bob Woodward is putting Donald Trump under tremendous pressure with his new book. In the case of a murdered journalist, questionable statements by the US president are now coming to light.

According to reporter Bob Woodward’s publicity book, US President Donald Trump has stated that he saved Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman from US investigation into the case of murdered journalist Jamal Khashoggi. “I saved him,” Trump is quoted as saying in excerpts published Thursday by the “Business Insider” portal.

According to the book, the president was referring to the US Congress’s stance on the murder case. Trump would say he got Congress to “leave the Crown Prince alone.” “I was able to make her stop.” Trump also pointed out that bin Salman himself had denied his involvement in Khashoggi’s murder: “He will always say he didn’t.”

Brutal murder in the consulate in Istanbul

According to media reports, the US Secret Service CIA concluded that the Crown Prince was likely behind the crime. The 59-year-old journalist was murdered in October 2018 in the Saudi Arabian consulate in Istanbul by a team of 15 men, and his body was dismembered. The case caused a storm of international outrage and seriously damaged the image of Saudi Arabia.

In the Saudi Arabian trial on the matter, deputy intelligence chief Ahmed al-Assiri and the Crown Prince’s former adviser, Saud al-Kahtani, were acquitted. Five death sentences passed on the case in December were commuted to lengthy prison terms earlier this week. The Turkish trial on the matter took place in Istanbul in early July. All 20 suspects, including al-Assiri and al-Kahtani, will be tried in absentia.

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Trump deliberately downplayed the corona pandemic

Woodward’s revelations put Trump under tremendous pressure eight weeks before the US presidential election. Excerpts released Wednesday revealed that Trump had deliberately left his countrymen in the dark about the danger of the corona pandemic and downplayed it. He justified this by saying that he wanted to prevent “panic” in the country. In the polls, Trump is currently behind opposition Democrats’ opponent Joe Biden.

Woodwards book “Rage” will be out on September 15th. It is based on 18 interviews Trump gave the legendary journalist between December 2019 and July 2020, and which were recorded with his permission.

Woodward and his Washington Post colleague Carl Bernstein gained world fame in the 1970s for their investigation of the Watergate wiretapping affair involving President Richard Nixon. Since then, he has repeatedly published expose books on US presidents, including one on Trump in 2018 entitled “Fear.”

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