Trump broke the rules and held an election rally

US President Donald Trump has called an election rally in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, ignoring Corona’s health regulations. He was seen attending the rally without a mask on Tuesday (6 September). Not only this, but despite the ban on the gathering of more than 50 people locally, hundreds attended Trump’s rally. Many supporters did not wear masks. This information came from the report of British media The Guardian.

After hearing about President Trump’s visit to Winston-Salem, local county commission Republican chairperson Dave Pliller advised him to wear a mask. The local government has introduced a rule to wear masks in the area to prevent coronaviruses. Dave Pliller said in an interview with the Winston-Salem Journal, that the governor has given this instruction. When you go to Rome you have to walk like the Romans. When to go to North Carolina. Then you have to listen to what the governor says. Trump is a United States citizen. But he is also a guest of our county. If he does not wear a mask here, he can become ill. And he can blame the governor for this. ‘

However, Trump did not respond to Dave Pleyer’s call. Trump did not wear a mask at Tuesday’s rally, but Democratic candidate Joe Biden laughed at him for following social distance guidelines.

Biden recently rallied in a school gymnasium. All those present were seen following the directions of social distance. “Have you ever seen a circular gym?” Trump scoffed.

When Trump joined the rally on Tuesday, supporters welcomed him with the song “Knock on Heaven’s Door”. He opposed the anti-apartheid demonstrations across the country at that time. He tried to justify the gathering of hundreds of people in his meeting. Trump claims that while the gathering of protesters against the police is acceptable, the gathering of his supporters is also right. “We have decided to call our rallies for a peaceful demonstration,” he said.

“There is a rule in Democrat-ruled states that if you run a campaign, no more than five people can gather,” Trump said. You can’t go to church, you can’t do anything outside. But if you want to riot, you can walk on the main road. You can riot, you can stand next to each other. You can do whatever you want You will be allowed to do so as you are considered a peaceful protester there. ‘

The Guardian reports that Trump’s remarks were exaggerated. In North Carolina, there are instructions to follow various hygiene rules, including wearing masks. Although churches were opened, social distance was maintained.

More than 8.3 million people in the United States are infected with coronovirus. 1 lakh 90 thousand people have died. In North Carolina alone, approximately 1.8 million have been affected. The number of people who died from recent attacks in North Carolina has decreased.

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