The US president paid his supporters a surprise visit to the front of the hospital – despite his Covid illness. Donald Trump waved to his fans from a black car.

US President Donald Trump, infected with the coronavirus, left the hospital for several minutes to greet his supporters outside the clinic. From a black SUV, Trump waved to his cheering fans in Bethesda, north of Washington, on Sunday, as seen on videos. Trump was in the car with at least two people wearing a mask.

In a pre-recorded video message later posted on Trump’s Twitter profile, the president said, “I’m going to make a little surprise visit.” He praised the “great patriots” outside the hospital. He learned a lot about the virus. “This is the real school,” he said, referring to his illness. It’s different from reading about it. “I understand, and it’s something very interesting, I’ll let you know. In the meantime, we love the US and we love what’s happening,” Trump said – without clarifying what he meant by that.

Personal Doctor: Trump’s health continues to improve

Trump’s corona infection was announced on the US East Coast shortly after midnight on Friday. It can be assumed that it can still be contagious. There was initially no official information on how to keep the people in Trump’s car from becoming infected during the short drive.

Trump fans cheer for the clinic: The US president has waved to his supporters from the car. (Source: Cheriss May / Reuters)

The passenger in the car appeared to be wearing a plastic visor over his face, a gas mask and a medical suit. Trump returned to the president’s wing at Walter Reed Military Hospital shortly after the ride, White House spokesman Judd Deere said.

Trump’s health has continued to improve, according to his personal physician Sean Conley. However, as with any illness, there are ups and downs, Conley said Sunday in front of Walter Reed Hospital in Bethesda near Washington. If Trump continues to do as well as he did on Sunday, “we hope we get fired from the White House already. can plan tomorrow ”, confirmed the doctor Brian Garibaldi.

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