Coronavirus infection and death – the United States topped the list. So far more than 9 million people have been infected in the country. More than two lakh 30 thousand died. This terrible picture of the epidemic has not faded yet. Rather, the number of infections is increasing more than ever before the election. Every day, approximately 69,000 Americans are infected with coronovirus. As a result, Trump could apparently be in dispute over the issue.

There is no major disagreement among American analysts that the number one issue in this election is coronovirus. Many of them say that this time the record is one of the reasons for the advance vote.

Voters worried about not being able to go to the polls on Tuesday due to the restrictions have worked among early voters. Again, according to many observers, many are eager to show through their ballot to the government’s performance in dealing with Kovid.

A record 90 million voters cast their ballots in advance, with 2016 accounting for 80 percent of the total electorate. But the question is what has President Trump been doing or saying for the last seven months to deal with this epidemic, what is his impact on the decision to vote?

Two days ago, a BBC reporter on the streets of Washington heard mixed reactions from voters.

A black woman said, “The way he (President Trump) is handling the situation is very weak.” ‘On the other hand, a middle-aged white woman said, राष्ट्रपति The president wants everyone not to panic. that’s what I like. “

Another white woman said, “He did nothing good, and I wouldn’t say he did anything bad.”

Joe Garstenson, a professor of political science and analyst in Washington, says that the majority of Americans are not happy with the way President Trump is treating coronoviruses.

“What the president is doing is trying to predict the situation on a daily basis,” he told the BBC.

The latest poll also shows that seven out of 10 Americans think the president is sending a “wrong message” about Kovid-19. But most Republican supporters are with the president on the issue.

Professor Garstenson said, ions opinions differ not only on the basis of party loyalty, but also on the basis of region. The people suffering from this epidemic are the worst in the region. ‘

Support fluctuations

Joe Biden was slightly ahead of the Arizona election earlier this year. But when Kovid-19 took a terrible turn in the state over the summer, support for Biden increased considerably. The epidemic in Arizona has killed 5,920 people so far.

In the state of Wisconsin, President Trump won the 2016 election by a narrow margin. Once again, support for Trump has not diminished for most of the year. But in October, public opinion changed as its outbreak continued to grow. In the latest poll, Joe Biden of Wisconsin is seven to 16 points ahead of Trump.

Even in Texas, a state that has historically been a Republican stronghold, voters are increasingly becoming anti-Trump. Because, Texas crashed into a two-point transition. So far 10,440 people have died in Kovida state.

Texas painter Shane Reilly is angered by the deaths of so many people in his state Kovid. He told the BBC that for the first time in his life he changed teams.

In the words of Shane Reilly, words I have always voted Conservatives. But I will vote for the Democratic Party presidential candidate for the first time in my life, which the ruling Republicans are doing to combat this epidemic. “

Jokes about Kovid

President Trump, however, is not paying much attention to Kovid’s public outrage against his administration. Two days earlier, at a meeting in Newton, Pennsylvania on Saturday, he made fun of his rival Joe Biden.

“I saw what Joe Biden was saying yesterday,” Trump said. He has the same bulls in his mouth which are Kovid, Kovid and Kovid. They have nothing more to say. At Trump’s publicity rally, many did not have masks on their faces.

On Saturday, Stanford University released an estimate that more than 30,000 people had been infected with covidosis since Trump’s campaign rally from June to September. At least 600 people have died.

The report is based on a traditional mathematical model, not an on-the-spot investigation.

Now, if the political landscape in the United States changes in the November 3 election, President Trump’s performance in controlling Kovid will be seen as the main reason. Source: BBC

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