Trump has done just that in the battle for the US election former National Security Advisor, Michael Flynn, urged the US president to declare martial law. This should prevent Biden from winning.

General Michael Flynn, Donald Trump’s former national security adviser, has called on US President Donald Trump to use the military to force a new election in the controversial swing states. He said such action was “not unprecedented”. Flynn also called for martial law to be imposed in the US so Democrat Joe Biden could not take office, according to British news site “Dailymail”.

“Trump can immediately seize all counting machines with one order,” Flynn said in an interview with the news site “Newsmax” Thursday. He was referring to the conspiracy theory that the voting software was falsely evaluating Trump’s votes on Biden. Swing states could take control of Trump through the military and repeat elections in any of these states, “Flynn said.

The General with grace

The former security adviser was last pardoned by Trump after lying to the FBI in the course of the investigation into the Russia affair. Flynn was the only one to plead guilty to the investigation of FBI special counsel Robert Mueller, but retracted his confession in January before a verdict could be reached. After that, the prosecution’s investigation of him continued until Trump was pardoned. The US president publicly celebrated his adviser, who had been in office for just over three weeks, as a “hero.”

After Trump lost the US election to Biden, Flynn backed the incumbent US president in his anti-election campaign. So far, however, the Trump campaign has suffered numerous defeats in the US courts, and Trump has so far abandoned Flynn’s proposed “martial law.”

“The idea is absurd”

Flynn was strongly criticized for this move from defense and military experts in the United States. Bill Banks, a professor at Syracuse University who specializes in constitutional and security law, called the idea “absurd.” Aside from the fact that no evidence of electoral fraud has been found, there is no place for martial law in the United States unless the mechanisms of civil administration have completely collapsed, ”Banks told the Military Times.

In the end, the options Flynn outlined for Trump would likely all be illegal – the pardoned general probably knows that, too. But with these statements he wants to serve emotions among Trump supporters so that more people will stand behind the elected president. “The Patriots,” as Trump and Flynn often call them.