Trump counters rumors of ‘mini blows’

Time and again there is speculation in the media about the state of health of the US president. Donald Trump firmly rejects a new report – and uses the subject for his election campaign.

US President Donald Trump has refuted rumors that he has had a series of “mini strokes” in the past year. Trump called the rumors Tuesday in the short Twitter messaging service “fake news.” It never ends. Now they’re trying to say that your favorite president, me, went to Walter Reed Medical Center for a series of mini-strokes. ” But that is wrong.

An unannounced investigation into Trump’s Walter Reed military hospital made headlines last November. The White House then rejected speculation about possible health problems for the president. President Doctor Sean Conley described the hospital stay as “planned” and “routine.” Trump only did part of his annual health check.

Now news channel CNN reported that a reporter from the renowned New York Times newspaper was writing a new book that Vice President Mike Pence had been informed at the time. He should be willing to temporarily take over from the president if Trump needs an anesthetic during his hospital visit. As a result, rumors about alleged mini-strokes grew on social networks on Tuesday.

The presidential doctor also intervenes

Presidential doctor Conley also went against the rumors on Tuesday. Trump has had no stroke, no mini-stroke – in medical terminology, a transient ischemic attack – or any other “acute cardiovascular emergency,” he emphasized. The 74-year-old seated woman is in good health.

Trump used the rumors Tuesday to attack his Democratic challenger in the Nov. 3 presidential election, Democrat Joe Biden. “Maybe they are referring to another candidate from a different party,” Trump wrote on Twitter of the rumors. Time and again, the Republican tries to cast doubt on the mental fitness of his three-year-old rival.

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