The mystery of a critical inside article about Donald Trump’s White House is out. After more than two years, a former Chief of Staff of the Department of Homeland Security revealed himself.

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A former employee of the US Department of Homeland Security has revealed himself as a mysterious “Anonymous” who caused a stir with harsh criticism of President Donald Trump. Former ministry chief of staff Miles Taylor said on Wednesday that he was the author of a 2018 guest article in the New York Times and the book “Warning from the White House” published the following year.

Taylor’s contribution to the “New York Times” hit like a bomb in September 2018. With a hidden identity and entitled “I am part of the resistance within the Trump administration,” he gave interior views of the White House. A staunch Republican, he was shocked by the Trump administration and described how he and other employees try to prevent the president’s “worst” excesses.

The following year, the same “Anonymous” wrote the book, which was also translated into German: “Warning from the White House: A high-ranking Trump employee is unpacking. The book describes Trump as highly immoral, describes the abuses in the White House in detail and closes with the call to remove Trump from office in November 2020.

Taylor initially denied being ‘anonymous’

Taylor had already left the government by the time he wrote the book. There has been much speculation about the identity of “Anonymous”.

Last summer, Taylor appeared in public as a Trump critic – but without revealing he was “Anonymous.” The former government employee even denied this. He was behind Trump’s challenger Joe Biden ahead of next Tuesday’s presidential election.

The Trump camp responded disdainfully to Taylor on Wednesday. A White House spokeswoman describes him as an “absolute loser”. A Trump campaign spokesman said Taylor was nothing but a “standard edition of the arrogant Washington swamp man” who “loved” Trump until he found out he could make money by attacking the president.

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