Trump expressed “highest honor” for Abe’s resignation

US President Donald Trump has expressed the “highest honor” for the resignation of Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe. He also expressed concern about his ‘great friend’ who resigned on Friday due to various health complications. A report by the French news agency AFP stated.

“I want to express my highest respect to Prime Minister Shinzo Abe”, he told reporters at Air Force One. “
Trump said, “We had a very good relationship and I feel very bad about it. Because it would be very painful for them to leave like this. ‘

The Japanese Prime Minister announced his resignation at a news conference on Friday. Abe says that he does not want his illness to be an obstacle in the government’s decision-making process. He apologized to the people of Japan for not completing their tenure.

Abe has crossed the eight-year milestone as Prime Minister of Japan. Through this he has become the longest-lived leader in Japan. But recently his popularity has declined. In the latest turnout, it has come down to 30 percent.

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