Joe Biden’s lead is growing, but Trump doesn’t want to admit defeat. Now the president is targeting his challenger on Twitter with a demand.

US President Donald Trump has warned his opponent Joe Biden not to declare himself the winner of the vote. “Joe Biden cannot falsely claim the office of president. I could also claim it. Legal proceedings have just begun!” Trump wrote on Twitter.

Trump had declared himself the winner early on election night. In the days that followed, he repeatedly called for an end to the count and took legal action. He cited alleged election fraud as the reason, but without any evidence. Read about the chances of success of Trump’s lawsuits here.

Just over half an hour, Trump followed with another tweet. “I had such a big lead in all of these states well into election night, but saw all the lead fade miraculously as the days passed,” Trump wrote, despite the fact that in elections such a development would be everything. other than is unusual. “Perhaps all direction will return as our legal process progresses!”

Biden leads in a number of major states during the current census. But no major TV broadcaster or the AP news agency has declared a winner so far.

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