Shortly after the US election, there is good news in the search for a corona vaccine. The incumbent president is therefore now attacking companies – and believes the news is politically motivated.

Incumbent President Donald Trump described the announcement of promising results by corona vaccine manufacturers just days after the US election as politically motivated. Pharmaceutical company Pfizer “didn’t have the courage” to announce the good news ahead of the election, Trump criticized Monday evening (local time) on Twitter. The American company is working on the vaccine together with the German company Biontech.

Trump also criticized the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in his administration, which is responsible for the approval. The FDA should have released the results earlier, he complained. “Not for political reasons, but to save lives,” Trump wrote. During the election campaign, he had repeatedly promised that there would be good news about vaccines before the vote – and he was apparently hoping for a political tailwind.

“The FDA and Democrats didn’t want me to have a vaccination success before the election, so it came out five days later,” Trump wrote on Twitter. His administration’s FDA is headed by Stephen Hahn, who himself appointed Republican Trump.

Mainz-based company Biontech and Pfizer were the first Western manufacturers to publish promising – but limited in scope of detail – results. Accordingly, your vaccine provides more than 90 percent protection against Covid-19. The companies want to apply for an emergency permit from the FDA starting next week.

The candidate vaccination is also undergoing the approval process in the EU. The European Medicines Agency (EMA) confirmed on Tuesday in Amsterdam that the active substance BNT162b2 would be tested in the so-called rolling review process. The procedure had started. Biontech and the pharmaceutical company Pfizer, which supports the development, had previously announced the testing procedure.

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