US President Donald Trump has said that all US troops in Afghanistan should return home before Christmas this year (25 December). Trump made this comment in a Twitter message. British news agency Reuters says it was his instructions, or expectations – it was not immediately clear.

U The number of American troops in Afghanistan will be reduced to two and a half thousand by early next year; Trump announced his position on the military’s withdrawal on Wednesday, hours after US National Security Advisor Robert O. Bryan’s remarks in Washington. “All the brave men and women in Afghanistan should return home before Christmas,” he said.

In February this year, a landmark agreement was reached between the United States and the Taliban in Qatar, promising to withdraw foreign troops from Afghanistan before May next year, provided the Taliban maintains an anti-terrorism situation. The agreement allows the Taliban to negotiate a permanent ceasefire and power-sharing with the Western-backed Afghan government.

Reuters reports that Trump, who wants to retain control of the White House after winning the November election, has repeatedly credited his campaign with draining America from an “unfair endless war”; However, the US military still has presence in Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria.

But the ousted Taliban in 2001 welcomed the US president’s tweet on Wednesday. Taliban spokesman Mohammad Naeem said, “His statement is a positive step towards the implementation of the Doha Accord.”

There was no immediate response from the US-backed Afghan government to Trump’s tweet. However, country officials have long warned that the early withdrawal of US troops would not be a good thing.

Observers say that although Trump has agreed to reduce troops with the Taliban, implementation of the agreement could be hampered if he loses in the November election.

Although the United States has gradually reduced its military strength, there is no sign of fighting between the government-backed forces in Afghanistan and the Taliban. Dozens of civilians have also been killed in a fight between the two sides in recent weeks.

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