US President Donald Trump has time to pack his bags and go home. Trump’s rival Democratic candidate Joe Biden made such remarks in this election. He made this remark in a speech on election debt in Ohio on Monday, the day before the election.

Instead of unifying the country over the past four years, Biden has accused Trump of building partition walls. He said, “The one who created division between us will no longer be seen as president.” I do not want to see a president who could not provide protection to Americans. It is time to dump him and move on.

Former US Vice President Joe Biden has vowed to start a new day when he comes to power in a speech at another event in Pennsylvania on Monday night. In his words, “Tomorrow is the beginning of a new day.”

In today’s campaign, Biden criticized the Trump administration’s failure to control the Corona situation. At the same time, he promised to unite the nation in times of crisis in power.

According to CNN, Biden made a similar promise 19 months ago when he began his election campaign.

In Monday’s campaign, Biden called on supporters to vote for change. “The power to change this country is now in your hands,” he said. Are you ready to say goodbye to Trump? Source: CNN

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