US President Donald Trump has indicated that senior White House officials will have to wait longer to receive the coronovirus vaccine. He said after reports from several US media outlets that White House staff could be vaccinated within ten days. British news agency Reuters reported.

The coronavirus vaccine invented by Pfizer / Bioentech has been widely used in the United States since Monday. Officials said the vaccine has been approved for emergency use.

Trump said on Twitter last night that White House officials had directed some changes to the vaccine implementation plan.

Trump wrote that White House staff would receive the vaccine at the end of the ongoing program, unless specifically needed. My vaccination schedule was not well. But I am waiting for the vaccine at the appropriate time.

A Reuters report on Sunday said top US officials, including Vice President Mike Pence, could take the vaccine from Monday. Initiatives have been taken to vaccinate top officials as part of a plan to protect the government.

Reuters quoted sources as saying that essential staff of the White House and officials of the three branches of government could be vaccinated within the next 10 days.

Trump has recovered from coronovirus infection. Several White House officials have already been attacked. As a result, the need to vaccinate them on an emergency basis is reduced.

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