Reversing all equations, US President Donald Trump wants to give a surprise like last time. The Trump camp is desperate for a last-minute campaign to secure a final victory on 3 November. For this, he has launched a two-day campaign on Sunday.

At the last moment Trump is emphasizing states known as battlegrounds. He attended four rallies in Pennsylvania on Saturday. Biden is still a little ahead in the state. He has stepped up his campaign since Sunday in a bid to stay in the White House for another four years.

If he fails to win this election, Trump will be the first person since 1992 to not run for a second term. The same thing happened in 1992 with former President Bush Sr.

Democratic nominee Joe Biden points to the Trump administration’s failure to deal with election campaign taxes. He is to campaign in Pennsylvania on Sunday. The day before, Trump attended several rallies there. Pennsylvania is considered one of the important states in the US election.

Trump will conduct a total of 10 rallies in two days, each on Sunday and Monday. These two days will be the busiest time of the entire campaign so far.

Trump has programs in Michigan, Iowa, North Carolina, Georgia and Florida on Sunday. He is scheduled to attend two rallies in North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Michigan on Monday.

More than eight and a half crore voters have already cast their votes in this election. Of these, five and a half crore have cast their votes by post. Apparently most of those who voted before were supporters of Joe Biden. But Trump Camp wants to ensure a strong presence of Trump supporters at polling stations on election day. That is why they want to ensure the highest number of voters on that day. Source: Reuters

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