The results of the US presidential election are now hanging in the balance. Although Democratic candidate Joe Biden is on the verge of victory, Republican President Donald Trump is also likely. Just before noon local time on Thursday, his campaign manager Bill Stepan said the prospect of Trump’s inclusion is not over, he is still alive and well in number of electoral votes.

Trump’s campaign camp said Thursday afternoon that it was launching a website to gather information about electoral mismanagement and irregularities across the United States. It has been informed that further legal action will be taken after collecting this information.

Trump is expected to win from his campaign camp in Georgia. Campaign manager Bill Steppen said Trump has already been called a loser. However, “Donald Trump is still alive and well.”

Meanwhile, campaign manager Jennifer Dillon, Democratic candidate Joe Biden, said Thursday afternoon that he has “prior information” that confirms that Joe Biden will be the next president of the United States.

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