US President Donald Trump is reluctant to say that he is ready to give up even if his hopes of victory have dashed. Citing people close to the president, the US media has indicated that he will continue to fight for a position in the White House. In such a situation confusion has arisen among Trump’s publicity colleagues. One side is embarrassed by the unbridled allegations of electoral fraud. The other party agrees with her claim and encourages her not to give up. The campaign’s senior advisers are in talks with lawyers about what legal actions Trump has the opportunity to take. Again, the other party hopes that if they lose, they will accept the result.

Democratic candidate Joe Biden is slowly advancing to various swing states in the November 3 presidential election. He defeated President Donald Trump on Friday in Georgia and Pennsylvania’s major battleground. But while AP and Fox News declared him the winner in Arizona, Trump narrowed the gap on Friday. According to US media reports, the final results will not be announced immediately, as the vote count will continue throughout the week. But the results so far have shown that Biden’s prospects of running for the presidency are bright.

However, Trump has not yet prepared a statement that there is a tendency for candidates to accept defeat. He told his relatives that he had no intention of losing the election. Rather, he is claiming his position through senior advisors and sons. Trump’s two sons, Trump Jr. and Eric, took a hand against Republicans on Thursday (November 5). The eldest son, Donald Trump Jr., wrote to Republican supporters on Twitter: “He has the right platform to show willpower and ability to struggle. On the contrary, they are getting confused in front of the media. There is no reason to worry. Donald Trump will fight. And as always, they just keep watching! “Another son of Trump, Eric wrote angrily to Trump supporters, where are the ers republicans!” There should be some spine. Fight against this fraud. If you join the herd at this time, our voters will never forget you. ‘

A report by US media Politico said that a two-sided reality was seen inside the headquarters of Trump’s campaign camp on Friday morning. While one side reviewed the legal opportunities to stop rival Biden, the other side admitted that they had lost. A senior official in Trump’s campaign told POLITICO that the opportunity to file a major lawsuit or take a hard line over voter fraud ended. And most people know that. Some are taking time to accept. ‘

Trump’s former aide said, “As far as I understand, we have lost.” But now they have given up hope.

The former aide said he saw a negative impact of the change in voting policy in the event of a presidential-like epidemic. But President Trump is no longer on the road to victory.

CNN reports that none of the top aides, including Chief of Staff Mark Meadows, are presenting a realistic picture of the situation to the president. Conversely, Trump’s alleged baseless allegations that the election was rigged were supplanted by these allies. This has angered many White House staffers. He believes that Midauzi was helping the president claim that the election was illegal. Vice President Mike Pence has not been seen since Wednesday morning. But he is trying to pacify Trump with money from presidential-created funds to run a legal battle.

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