US President Donald Trump, who is treating a coronavirus infection, has shocked supporters. Trump has seen a convoy of activists who gathered in front of Washington’s Walter Reed National Military Medical Center to hear about his illness. He then returned to the hospital. However, Donald Trump has also faced criticism in the incident. Critics have called the issue a “dangerous political stunt”.

According to CNN, Trump sat in the back of a car, wearing a black mask. At the time, his convoy circled the area and waved Trump supporters behind the car.

Shortly before the convoy left, Trump surprised supporters by tweeting. In it, he mentioned that the supporters were patriots and were surprised to come out.

White House spokesman Jude Derry said in a statement that President Trump left the hospital for some time to surprise supporters. He quickly returned to Walter Reid’s presidential suite. The spokesman also said that Trump was released from the hospital with doctors’ permission and appropriate steps.

Democrat Hakim Geoffreys of the US House of Representatives has criticized Trump’s move. More than 200,000 Americans are dead, he wrote on Twitter. We need leadership. No photo pose.

Earlier on Sunday, Trump’s medical team said the president’s condition was improving. He may be released from the hospital on Monday. Trump has not had a fever since Friday and his liver and kidneys are functioning normally after being given a second dose of a five-day course of remodevir.

Doctor Brian Garibaldi said Trump was given dexamethasone to lower his oxygen levels. Yesterday he took the first dose. For now, we have plans to continue this medicine.

Earlier, in a four-minute video message from the hospital Saturday night, Trump said he was in good health. But at the same time, he said that the next few days would be a “real test” for him. She also mentioned that First Lady Melania Trump is doing well.

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