Electoral college elections that confirmed Biden to be the next US president received 306 electoral votes. Outgoing President Donald Trump received 232 votes.

On Tuesday, Senate leading Republican leader Mitch McConnell congratulated Biden on breaking the silence and winning the 2020 presidential election.

Russian President Vladimir Putin, who has remained silent for so long, has also congratulated Joe Biden. However, Donald Trump remains silent even after the Electoral College vote. He has not given up yet, but continues to be accused of electoral fraud. But their lawsuits were dismissed one by one in various state courts.

The Trump camp says the legal battle will continue and they will go all the way to the Supreme Court. However, there is no guarantee that such an appeal will be heard in the Supreme Court and it will change the result of the election.

So what is the future of Trump’s departure from politics? Or does he have plans to stay in the White House for another four years?

A group of Trump’s most loyal and loyal people still think – there is a way. The play will be staged on 7 January.

What is going to happen on January 7?

The result of the Electoral College vote, which was announced on Monday, is not yet an ‘official’ result. The results of the vote will be sent to Washington DC, the federal capital. The electoral votes will be officially counted on January 8 in a joint session of Congress. It will be chaired by Vice President Mike Pence.

US election and legal experts say the events of January 7 could give Donald Trump a “last chance” to change the outcome of the vote.

Some senators and members of Congress are making such an effort. They are Arizona, Pennsylvania, Nevada, Georgia, and Wisconsin; Submit written complaints of illegal voting and fraud in these states – with the signature of at least one senator. The objective would be to ‘disqualify’ or cancel the votes of those states.

Alabama Republican Senator Brooks is one of them. He told the New York Times that under the US Constitution, members of Congress had a larger role than judges of any court, including the Supreme Court. What we say will happen, it is final.

American analysts are drawing a picture of what would happen if such allegations were revealed and Vice President Mike Pence refused to verify the results.

“My number one goal is to fix America’s flawed electoral system – which makes it very easy to accept voter fraud or vote theft,” Brooks said. And one of the bonuses is that Donald Trump officially won the electoral vote. Because if you skip the illegal votes and only count the valid votes of eligible US citizens, then he has won. ‘But in reality, such a process would be complicated and lengthy.

Each charge will have two hours of debate and voting in both houses of Congress. The lower house of the Democrat-controlled Congress and the Republican-controlled Senate must agree to invalidate the state’s electoral vote. This has never happened since the nineteenth century.

Presumably, the lower house of the Democrat-controlled Congress would not approve the effort to repeal the vote. In addition, some Republican senators have also rejected such attempts to cancel the vote. Joe Biden’s victory would be assured if they voted against the effort.

The role of Vice President Mike Pence is the most important

In that session of Congress on January 8, the most important role will be played by Speaker Vice President Mike Pence. Because it is he who will open the envelopes of electoral votes sent from 50 states and announce the amount as per his constitutional duty.

In this way Richard Nixon in 1970 and Al Gore in 2000, as vice-presidents, had to prove their defeat and victory over their rivals by following democratic norms. In doing so, he ignored the objections of his MPs.

Will Mike Pence do the same?

Gregory B. Craig was a White House lawyer during the Obama administration. “People have not paid much attention to the role played in the transfer of power to the United States,” he said. Didn’t think about it. But since President Donald Trump is now – you have to take all possibilities into consideration. “

Both crisis in front of Pence?

So far as Vice President, Pence has been as loyal to Trump as he has been to the law. Since the election, he has been sending a mixed message about helping Trump.

First, he rejected an appeal from Trump supporters to support allegations of vote rigging. But he praised a lawsuit recently filed by the Attorney General of Texas for invalidating the battleground vote. However the case has been dismissed.

The problem is whether Pence himself wants to become the Republican presidential candidate in 2024. Crisis Ahead: Will he accept the results of this election and risk the voters of his own party by declaring Biden the winner? Or will it force Republicans to reject the results and jeopardize the American electoral system? Those who are waiting for January 7 – this is their question.

Probability ‘zero’

Edward B. Professor of Constitutional Law at The Ohio State University. Foley. He told the New York Times that whatever the objections, prosecutions or allegations, they would not be able to affect the outcome of the election process. In his words, “This will be confirmed in the Congress session on January 7, we can say it with clear confidence.”

The BBC’s Anthony Jay’s Rar says Democrats are controlling the House of Representatives, states have certified the results of the electoral college vote and federal law is now in Biden’s favor. “

Will Trump leave politics?

It is now clear that Trump will have to leave the White House on January 20. But will Trump farewell to him from the arena of American politics? Some analysts say, maybe not.

As Peter Baker and Maggie Heberman wrote in the Washington Post, it can be seen that Trump’s ability to withstand mayhem is greater than ever. Maybe he can become a force to rein in American politics – something that can be difficult to deal with.

The reason, he says, is that there is no denying that Donald Trump received nearly seven million votes – more than he did in 2016.

Trump received about 47 percent of the popular vote. Analysts say this means that despite four years of scandals, political upheavals, impeachment, and coronaviruses, they have the support of nearly half of the American people.

Democrat Jimmy Carter and Republican George H.W. Bush Sr. is the only US president to lose by a single vote in recent times. None of them had the same power base as Trump in measuring the number of votes.

Trump has talked of launching a TV network of his own in his own inner circle, which aims to compete with Fox News. In addition, Trump indicated to be a candidate again in 2024 – even though he would be 6 years old. And even if he doesn’t run again, he still has 6 million followers on Twitter.

As a result, he could become America’s far-flung voice. Perhaps that is why Trump’s role in determining who will be the next star in Republican courts may be important.

With this in mind, former Arizona senator Jeff Flake said soon after the November 3 election, “It is clear from the election results that Trump has huge public support and has no intention of leaving the stage right now.”

Of course, not everyone agrees that Trump’s role in American politics will remain after Biden becomes president.

“We will never see another Donald Trump,” said Carlos Carbelo, a former Florida congressman. They will still fail when someone mimics them, and Trump himself will slowly disappear. But the traces of his rule will never disappear in American history. ‘

It is true that Gerald Ford, Jimmy Carter or George H.W. Bush – all of whom have resigned from the White House – tried to return to the political arena but were unsuccessful. Source: BBC Bangla

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