US President Donald Trump, who contracted coronovirus on Saturday, said he felt better when he arrived at the hospital but is now well. White House doctors have also made the same claim. But Chief of Staff Mark Meadows says otherwise. The New York Times quoted him as saying that Trump had a difficult time in the last 24 hours. The next 48 hours are very important and are not without risks.

The US president was admitted to Walter Reed National Military Hospital in Tone Maryland on Friday with mild symptoms. The whole world is restless to know his physical condition along with his supporters. However, Trump on Saturday convinced everyone that he was feeling better than ever despite being ill in the hospital. On the same day, Trump’s personal physician Sean Conley said that Trump had not yet been given oxygen and that Donald Trump was much healthier.

Soon after the doctor’s remarks, however, White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows became confused about Trump’s position. Meadows told reporters at the Walter Reed Hospital campus that the president’s condition had been “extremely worrying” for the past 24 hours. The next 48 hours will be more important for his treatment. He is still not fully recovered.

Although coronovirus has killed more than 200,000 people in the United States and severely damaged the nation’s economy, Trump has eluded the epidemic. He has been visiting various parts of the country regularly in the last few weeks before the voting on 3 November. While physicians have placed the most importance on the use of masks to prevent infection, President Trump himself has shown reluctance to wear masks, even criticizing mask wearers.

Sean Conley said Trump has already been given a five-day treatment dose. He has also been given Reginalron Pharmaceutical’s Piclonal Antibody Cocktail (REGN-Cov2). The drug helps the body recover faster by reducing the spread of the virus. Trump is also being given zinc, vitamin D, phimotidine, melatonin and aspirin.

In a tweet late Thursday night, Donald Trump said that he and 50-year-old First Lady Melania Trump were infected with coronavirus. He is at risk due to his age and weight.

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