Trump once again questioned climate science

In view of the past, US President Donald Trump has once again ruled out climate science. “Science is not the end of the world,” he said during a fire-breathing trip in California. The weather will cool down gradually.

The wildfires that began in early August in the western coastal states of California, Oregon and Washington have so far burned nearly 2 million hectares and killed at least 38 people.

According to the BBC, Trump will travel to California on Monday. When asked by a journalist whether climate change was a factor of widespread wildfires, he said: “I think the management’s position is to blame.”

An official there appealed to the president not to “ignore science”. However, Trump dismissed concerns about climate change saying, “(The weather) will start to cool down, you just see, I don’t think science is final.”

Trump along with state officials toured the damaged area on the West Coast, fighting a truce near the California capital of Sacramento. He also attributed poor forest management to the fire.

The political debate over the cause of the fire began long ago when Trump oversaw the state of the fire in California. Democratic governors in the West Coast region have previously accused Trump of denying the role of climate change in the fire.

In fact, soon after the US presidential election was confirmed in 2016, US scientists doubted Trump’s role in warming up. True to their fears, the United States withdrew its support from the Global Climate Agreement in June 2016. Trump’s reasoning for withdrawing from the Paris Agreement is against American interests.

In an interview with Pierce Morgan on British ITV News in early 2016, he claimed that what scientists say about the world’s climatic condition and what comes out in the data does not match the reality. The world is hot and cold at the same time, Trump claims. He also claimed that the news of melting of ice in the polar region was not true.

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