US President Trump believes in electoral fraud and therefore sets up a hotline to gather evidence. Opponents joke about it – and post the nice calls on social networks.

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Donald Trump still doubts the US presidential election will go well, he does not want to accept his loss to Joe Biden. To support his allegations of fraud in the vote, the incumbent president has set up a hotline to pass on information, “The Guardian” reports. However, the project appears to be failing – as Trump critics use the phone number to joke.

Opponents want to use lines

Accordingly, especially Biden supporters make fun of misleading the hotline employees. Numerous users post audio recordings of their calls on social networks such as TikTok and Twitter.

The callers don’t want to use the hotline to report really suspicious cases – they want to grab the lines. For example, a woman calls and says she saw a turtle lying on its back. Other calls play looser tunes from game broadcasts. Another user writes on Twitter that she called the hotline to report that people put feces on their ballots.

Not the online community’s first joke

Another user posted his call asking Rudy Giuliani, Trump’s attorney, “So I saw a man walk into this building. And he was wearing a black hat, a black mask, a striped shirt and a red tie. And I think. that there were burgers in his pocket? And he said, “Robble, robbery” as he walked out of the building like a burglar. You know, I think he’s probably from Antifa. Can I talk to Rudy Giuliani? “

It’s not the first time Trump critics on social media have risen against the US president and make fun of it. In June, hundreds of TikTok users booked tickets to a Trump election campaign event – about 19,000 people were expected. However, significantly fewer people showed up because quite a few tickets were bought but not exchanged, the “New York Times” reports.

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