US President Donald Trump has vowed to break his dependence on China in manufacturing when he returns to power. He made this comment in a post on Twitter on Tuesday 3 November.

“Voting for me and the Republican Party means voting for the ‘American Dream’,” Trump tweeted. In the next four years, we will make America the productive superpower of the world. We will end our dependence on China.

In another tweet the same day, Trump apparently vented his anger in the US Supreme Court. In Pennsylvania, postal ballots can be counted three days after the election. In response to the court’s decision, Trump said the Supreme Court’s decision would incite violence. He also termed the court’s decision as misleading. However, Twitter officials have termed her tweet as ‘misleading’.

In that tweet, Trump said, “The Supreme Court’s decision on the Pennsylvania vote is very dangerous.” This will allow unpublished deception and undermine the foundations of our entire justice system. This will incite street violence. there must be something! ‘

On Monday, the court order said that postal ballots would be counted in Pennsylvania until three days after the voting ended on Tuesday.

Trump has been opposing the Postal Ballot since the beginning. Long before the election, he was campaigning that there was a risk of fraud in the postal vote. As a result, he will not accept the postal vote. However, she could not come up with any argument or explanation as to how the postal vote can be rigged.

Most postal votes are contested by Trump’s rival Joe Biden. Trump himself thinks that most of the postal votes will go to Biden’s basket. That is why Trump has been vocal in opposing the postal vote from the beginning. Source: DW, Reuters

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