Donald Trump has been behind his challenger Joe Biden in polls for months. The president now wants to make a virtue of necessity: through “God’s blessing” he has discovered a remedy.

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US President Donald Trump has promised his fellow countrymen a free Covid antibody treatment, as he received it. “I call it a remedy,” Trump announced in a video on Wednesday. He wanted to enable the rapid use of the drugs with an extraordinary permit.

Last week, the US president was treated with an still experimental drug from the biotech company Regeneron. Afterwards, he felt “great” within 24 hours, Trump said enthusiastically. “I want you to get what I have – and I’ll do it for free.” There are “hundreds of thousands of doses” of it, and they want to get to hospitals as soon as possible. The military is responsible for distribution, Trump said. “That’s called logistics.” However, it is unclear whether and how the approval process for such new drugs can be accelerated.

Trump calls illness ‘God’s blessing’

It was “God’s blessing” that he was sick with Covid-19, Trump said. This made him aware of antibody treatment. “I had heard of this drug. I said I could take this. It was my suggestion. And it was amazing how it worked,” Trump said. “And if I hadn’t noticed that, we would have just looked at it consistent with other drugs.”

In addition to the drug that is not available to ordinary people, Trump also had several top doctors available around the clock. In the United States, more than 211,000 people have died from a coronavirus infection.

Experts have long suspected that antibody treatment may be an efficient way to combat Covid. However, there is little experience with it so far. Regeneron had announced a trial with 275 patients a few days before Trump’s treatment. The antibodies are directed against two regions of the spike protein on the surface of the Sars-CoV-2 virus.

The election campaign of the US president?

Trump fell even further behind in the polls about a month before the presidential election on Nov. 3, after becoming infected. In recent nationwide surveys, challenger Joe Biden’s lead rose to 16 percent. Commenting on Trump’s video, Biden said, “It is a tragedy that President Covid is treating as if it were something not to worry about when 210,000 people have already died.” Trump had in recent days called on his countrymen not to be afraid of the coronavirus – and also said he was feeling better than 20 years ago.

The fact is, you don’t have to worry.

The president left his White House accommodation on Wednesday and went to work in the Oval Office. Assuming the positive test announced Thursday, Trump could still be contagious. The White House does not provide information on when the president last tested negative for the coronavirus for days on end.

Aside from his own assurances that he is fine, there has been little information about Trump’s health since he returned from the hospital Monday night. On Wednesday, just like the day before, it was said that the president had no more symptoms.

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