He was speaking for the first time at a public event ever since US President Donald Trump’s coronovirus was identified. He addressed a gathering of supporters on the ground floor of the White House on Saturday. At this time he asked them to vote for the upcoming election. However, he was not seen wearing a mask at the time. Qatar-based Al Jazeera reported this in a report on Sunday.

The report said that most of Trump’s supporters wore masks at the White House on Saturday. But they were indifferent to maintaining social distance.

Earlier, Trump returned to the White House from the hospital last Monday. On Thursday, his doctor, Sean Conley, claimed that the president had completed his corona treatment course and would soon be able to participate in public relations. Two days later, he addressed a public event without a mask.

On the night of October 1, Trump and First Lady Melania were allegedly attacked by Trump’s Corona. The US president had to deliver oxygen to the White House despite Melania’s mild symptoms. On the afternoon of October 2 (Friday), Trump was admitted to Walter Reed National Military Medical Center in Maryland. However, on 4 October (Sunday), Trump suddenly came out. He waved to the supporters and drove around in his car for a while. Such actions of the President have already raised questions in the country. The next day (Monday, October 5), Trump announced his release from the hospital.

In a White House statement on Thursday (October 8), Sean Conley said that the drugs being administered were responding well to the president’s body. His condition is stable.

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