US President Donald Trump has publicly surfaced after being infected with coronovirus for the first time. Trump said at an election meeting at the White House on Saturday that he felt very good. In that meeting, he was seen removing his mask at once. British media The Guardian reported this.

“I feel great,” Trump said. The next election is the most important in the history of our country. You get out of the house and vote.

Striking his opponent, Trump said, “Our rivals will illegally lock in and destroy Corona’s influence.”

Although Trump removed his mask, everyone attending his speech was seen wearing a mask. The White House has implemented strict sanitation rules in its meetings since the president was attacked.

Standing in the White House, Trump said, “I want to tell the people of our country that we will lose coronovirus.” This virus is disappearing. It is about to disappear. We have discovered powerful drugs and medical methods. We are curing the sick. The vaccine is coming very soon. The Tao is coming on record time.

Attendees chanted Trump’s name. However, the US is not in a very good position before the presidential election. He is far behind rival Joe Biden in public opinion polls.

Trump has a massive rally in Florida on Sunday. He will meet in Pennsylvania on Tuesday and in Loa on Wednesday.

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