Current President Donald Trump has not yet accepted the results of the 46th US presidential election. He said that it would be decided in a legal way. But President-Elect Joe Biden told reporters on Tuesday that threats to Trump’s legal system will not stop there. According to a report by the UK-based news agency Reuters.

In the wake of Trump’s campaign in various states to remain in power, Biden said, “Nothing can stop the transfer of power.” However, preparations are underway to form a new government on January 20. Who will be given responsibility in various ministries; Review has started. It is shameful not to accept the outcome of Trump’s election.

Meanwhile, a poll conducted by Reuters / Isp found that most people in the United States do not believe Trump’s election fraud allegations. About 80 percent of people said that Biden was the next president. More than half of those 80 percent support Trump’s Republican Party.

Biden is busy with his administration’s priority list after taking a possible oath on 20 January. On the other hand, Trump is accusing Biden of spoiling the election without major evidence to reverse the declared victory. Trump Camp has already filed dozens of lawsuits, alleging irregularities in counting and counting.

Biden is first and foremost on coping with the coronovirus epidemic. The virus has already killed more than 245,000 people in the United States. Biden says he will enroll in a few key positions before the November 26 holiday.

Meanwhile, the Trump administration is not cooperating with Biden’s representatives on the transfer of power. So far, the White House has refused to accept Biden’s victory.

As a rule, the new president is to be sworn in on January 20. Before this, coordination work has to be done between the outgoing and incoming administration. However, the process of coordination has not yet begun as Trump has not yet accepted the rate. An official from the Biden camp said on Monday that they were considering legal action.

The General Services Administration (GSA) coordinates between outgoing and incoming administrations. They work to shift the responsibility from the old administration to the new administration. Biden Camp now plans to take legal action against the GSA.

According to a Reuters report, the law does not specify when the GSA will begin the process of changing the government. But Biden Camp says his victory is clear. Consequently, there is no chance of delay or delay.

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