Trump visited Kinosa

US President Donald Trump has visited the city of Kinosa in the state of Wisconsin to protest the police torture of Black Jacob Jake. During the visit, he supported the role of police. He described the ongoing protests in the city as “domestic terror”. The British media BBC reported this.

Disabled Jacob Blake is still in hospital since being shot in Kenosha, Wisconsin on August 23. The police shot him in the back six times. It is doubtful whether Jacob will be able to walk again. The incident intensified anti-apartheid demonstrations in Kenosha. Police took out a rally on Friday in riot gear, in which hundreds of protesters were removed from the truck. Although the situation has calmed down since last Wednesday, Trump has already decided to visit Kenosha.

Trump visited the area affected by the protests. He said in a round table meeting with local leaders that these were not peaceful protests. But true domestic terror.

Endorsing the role of local police, Trump has claimed that the media is exacerbating the evil deeds of the officers.

He expressed little sympathy for the injured in a clash with the police. However, he said he did not believe there was planned racism within law enforcement.

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