Trump wanted to have Syrian ruler Assad murdered

According to his own statements, US President Trump wanted to eliminate Syrian ruler Assad in 2017. Everything was already prepared. A “greatly overrated general” prevented him from doing so.

US President Donald Trump said he wanted to have Syrian ruler Bashar al-Assad murdered in 2017. However, then-US Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis spoke out against the operation, Trump told US broadcaster Fox News on Tuesday. “I would rather have turned it off,” the president made clear.

Everything was prepared, but “Mattis didn’t want to do it”. This was a “grossly overrated general” who he later fired, Trump said. However, he does not regret the decision not to kill Assad. “I certainly didn’t think he was a good person, but I had the chance to take him out if I wanted to, and Mattis was against it,” Trump said. “Mattis was against most of those things.”

The revelations support reports from 2018, when star journalist Bob Woodward published his book “Fear: Trump in the White House” (German title: “Furcht: Trump im White Haus”). According to this, the US president is said to have reflected on the assassination of Assad after the Syrian head of state used chemical weapons against civilians in April 2017. Trump said US troops should “go in” and “kill Assad,” Woodward reported in his book. At the time, Trump denied the trial.

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