US President Trump has a hard time with the black population. In order to be elected, the Republican made a number of promises at an event.

In the case of his 3 November election victory, US President Donald Trump wants to classify the racist Ku Klux Klan and the left-wing Antifa as terrorist organizations. This is evidenced by Trump’s “Promise to Black America” ​​for a second term, which he presented in Atlanta on Friday. The Republican campaigned with his so-called “Platinum Plan” for the votes of black voters, who traditionally support the majority of Democrats. Trump promises, among other things, three million new jobs for African Americans, 500,000 new businesses by blacks, and better access to education and training.

Trump said he did more for African Americans during his tenure than his Democratic challenger Joe Biden did in his decades-long political career. “Racial justice begins with Joe Biden’s withdrawal from public life,” Trump said. “I’ll always put Americans first, and that includes – very, very importantly – black Americans.” Trump criticized the Black Lives Matter movement, which is central to the protests against police brutality and racism. The president said it had “extremely socialist” goals.

The question is how a ban will be implemented

The Ku Klux Klan was founded in 1865 and is now estimated to have several thousand members in various independent groups in the US. You establish contacts with right-wing extremists abroad and there is also an offshoot in Germany. The secret society is notorious for lynching, especially against black people, and for other acts of violence.

Trump has called the Antifa a terrorist group several times in the past. However, the Antifa has neither members nor a central organizational or management structure. The followers of the movement from the left or radical left scene are united by an anti-fascist ideology. How a ban would actually be introduced is therefore the question.

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