US President Trump is irritated with a speech in which he calls himself an election winner. In fact, the elections are not over yet. And he announces legal action.

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump sees himself as the winner well before the end of the counting of all votes. “We have won these elections,” said the US president on election night at the White House. “We are getting ready for a big party”.

Trump spoke of “fraud” given the delay in election results. He wants to go to the US Supreme Court to stop a new vote. It probably refers to postal votes, which are currently still counted in many states.

Close neck-and-neck race between the candidates

In fact, the elections are not over, hundreds of thousands of votes have not yet been counted – and they could be decisive. The election is currently near, no candidate has yet reached the minimum number of voters.

“What a choice, what a success,” Trump said. For example, his team had not expected a majority in Florida, but he won this state by a wide margin.

Trump went on to say it was certain that he won Georgia and Pennsylvania. He is currently leading in both states, but barely in Georgia. According to reports, the votes are not counted there until Wednesday morning (Wednesday afternoon European time).

“We win everything,” Trump said in the White House, claiming, “A sad group of people are trying to change the outcome.”

Trump: Democrats want to “steal” elections

Trump had previously accused Democrats of “stealing” the election. The two candidates then surrendered an exchange of blows on Twitter.

Democratic candidate Joe Biden had also had confidenceto win the election. “We think we are on track to win this election,” Biden said in front of cheering supporters on election night, about an hour before Trump spoke.

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