Joe Biden has criticized Trump’s threat to fire top infectious disease specialist Anthony Fawcett in the United States. The Democratic presidential candidate said, “Trump will be fired, not Fuchi.”

Biden called for the Democratic Party to vote to retain a specialist like Anthony Fawcett in the US administration.

Former US President Barack Obama has also criticized Trump’s threat to fire Fawcett. Speaking on Monday at Biden’s campaign in Atlanta, Georgia, he said Fouchee was one of the few people in the True Administration who took the Corona epidemic seriously. However, he threatened to fire her if she was re-elected.

Trump announced the sacking of Anthony Fawcett at a rally in Florida. He also criticized the media coverage of Kovid-19. Around this time, participants in the rally started shouting ‘Dismiss Fauchi’. Trump then said, ump don’t tell anyone else. I should wait for some time after the election. I welcome this suggestion. “

In a recent interview with the Washington Post, Fawcett criticized the Trump administration’s role in dealing with the Corona epidemic. The Republican camp was angry with the incident. Trump said he wanted to remove him during the election campaign.

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