US President Donald Trump plans to impose tougher immigration restrictions if elected for a second term. The end of his plan is “to raise and raise the bar of entry into the United States.” One of his trusted and senior advisors gave this information.

Stephen Miller, who is behind Trump’s tough immigration policy, told NBC News that the second priority for the Trump administration was by limiting refugee approvals, so-called strictly verifying visa applications, issuing new work visa limits, and asylum- The scope of so-called travel restrictions would have to be increased to operate in the receiving cities.

Miller said efforts to further reduce the H1B visa program would be finalized. Trump wants a point-based entry system in which US visas will be granted only to those who can contribute to job creation and economic opportunities.

He said that screening of applications for admission to the United States would be further enhanced and inter-agency information exchange would be extended to this.

In the current vetting system, the United States investigates involvement with terrorist and extremist groups. Miller suggested that the United States should also consider ideological sympathy or inclination when applying for a visa. So as to prevent possible recruitment of extremists.

To implement these measures, Congress must enact new laws. But most can be implemented by executive order of the President. Trump has implemented executive orders more than once in his first term.

Democratic candidate Dow Biden responded to Miller’s remarks on Friday. Trump, he says, has a second term agenda, more than four years of hate speech and division.

“We are going to win this election so that people like Stephen Miller don’t write xenophobic policies to disrespect our American values,” Biden’s publicity manager Jane Molina said in a statement.

Although Miller’s comment is on record, he claims to have stated it as a propagandist.

According to US media reports, many of the proposed changes to immigration policy are highly controversial and not being published in the order of elections when an unpopular president wants to be re-elected.

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