Newly elected US President Joe Biden says the outgoing president has tried to sabotage the vote. However, the rule of law, the constitution and the will of the people prevail.

Elected President Donald Trump has made every effort to sabotage election results before the election. The Attorney General of Texas filed a lawsuit in the Supreme Court alleging fraud against Trump for invalidating 2 million votes in four states. The lawsuit was signed by 100 Republican lawmakers on behalf of Trump. This was Trump’s last attempt to snatch Biden’s victory. However, the Supreme Court dismissed the case last Friday. As a result, Trump’s latest attempt failed.

The second phase of the US presidential election saw the Electoral College vote on Monday. Biden confirmed the victory by 302 votes. In his address to the nation, he said, “Many years ago the flame of democracy in this nation was ignited. And we now know to make sure that an epidemic or misuse of power cannot extinguish that flame.”

In his speech, Biden said that politicians do not take power in America. The public allows politicians to assume power. The public voted. Our faith in the organization is unwavering. The acceptance of the election remains intact.

Biden cited Trump’s efforts to change the outcome of the election. He said that the Supreme Court unitedly opposed any attempt to change the election results. Now it’s time to move around. We have done this many times in history. It’s time to get together.

The formality of the presidential election in the United States ends with an electoral college vote. Voters from 50 states and the capital, District of Columbia, attended the Electoral College vote. The state in which the candidate wins the civil vote gets all the electoral college votes.

Biden’s confirmed vote surpassed 260 after the state of California officially announced the results of its election vote on Monday evening, according to local time in the United States. In the final count, Biden received 306 voters and Trump 232 electoral votes.

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