Michigan officials have sharply criticized a lawsuit filed by the Trump camp seeking to stop counting votes. Joseline Benson, the state’s chief election officer, called the lawsuit “Trump’s son”. The UK news outlet BBC reported this news in a report on Thursday.

Josley Benson said that all valid votes in Michigan have been counted properly.

Trump won the 2016 election in the state by a margin of 10,700 votes. This time, the Trump camp resorted to the court to stop the counting of votes to indicate defeat.

In Michigan, known as Battleground State, however, Joe Biden is already capable of winning. Biden is on the verge of victory with 264 votes with 16 electoral votes. Now another battleground is Nevada (6 electoral votes) with a desired ‘magical figure’ of 260 electoral votes.

Alaska has three electoral votes, 16 in Georgia, 15 in North Carolina and 20 in Pennsylvania. If Trump won all of these after confirming Biden’s victory in Nevada, his electoral vote would be 26. In that case he cannot touch the figure of magic.

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