The US vice president actually plays a minor political role. But because Donald Trump is infected with the coronavirus, the world is now looking to Mike Pence. A man for whom evolution is more of a “theory”.

Ideally, the US president and his vice president harmonize most closely. In 2018, Mike Pence exaggerated a bit. During a meeting, Donald Trump put his water bottle off the conference table on the floor. As a perfect impersonator, Pence followed with his own bottle a few seconds later. The internet was a lot of fun, even on the popular late-night show “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” the duo released Trump / Pence with this song.

The scene shows who is a cook and who is a waiter in this relationship. Political power is concentrated in Donald Trump as president of the US, Mike Pence has – to put it somewhat exaggeratedly – strictly speaking as much as Trump makes him say. Under the US Constitution, the vice president has a seldom necessary but important role: to act as the deputy if the strongman dies in the White House, is unable to perform his duties, or an impeachment process is successful. Until now, Pence has been mostly noticed in the White House as an impersonator of Trump. Now it can be very important.

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“Christian”, “Conservative”, “Republican”

In the corona pandemic The Trump couple is now infected with the virus. Until now, the president also wants to fulfill his duties in quarantine. But if the course of his illness no longer permits, Mike Pence would come into play. So who is the man who would replace Trump if the worst came to the worst?

“Christian”, “Conservative”, “Republican”. Pence once described himself with these words. And emphasized, “In that order.” For American liberals, pennies are the god incarnate because, to say the least, he is ultra-conservative, reactionary, and dogmatic.

Born in 1959 in Columbus, Indiana, Pence first studied history and then law. Later going into politics, he gained experience catching voters by hosting radio and television shows. Always the same, preferably against minorities. One of his concerns was providing money to “treat” homosexuality. “Even then, Pence sounded like Trump is today,” Zeit said in 2017.

A red rag for liberals

With this attitude, Pence moved to the United States House of Representatives in 2001 and became governor of his home state of Indiana in 2013. The new home office did not appeal to him mildly. He demonizes abortion and continues to support gun ownership. Climate change? A myth for Pence.

While pennies are a red rag for liberals, it is appreciated by the ultra-religious in the US. A quality that made him interesting to Donald Trump. Because of the conservative right, moving to the White House is nearly impossible if America’s numerous evangelicals don’t participate or don’t vote correctly.

That made Pence the right man for Trump. Pence stands “as far to the right as you can without falling off the ground,” said American magazine “The New Yorker.” Michael Lofgren, the author of this quote, was, of course, for years in the service of the Republican Party, which has since moved far to the right. With and thanks to Mike Pence.

Handy fig leaf

Pence is like a fig leaf for Trump. On the one hand, the staunch conservative who wants to reduce evolution to the status of a “theory”, but who at least knows how to express himself politely. On the other is the real estate magnate, who is enthusiastic about how he can grope women with impunity and gossip rude.

As a duo, the Trump / Pence team was enough voters to move to the White House. Soon employees arrived, were fired by Trump and new ones were appointed who were also allowed to leave. One stayed, also because vice president can’t be dumped so easily: Mike Pence. He almost elevates loyalty to Trump into an art form, it almost comes close to devotion.

Because Trump always pokes vividly at his subordinates, at best from behind, sometimes in public: Jeff Sessions, former Attorney General, was a “traitor” to Trump, Mike Pence “a religious madman”. This is explained by the American expert Stephan Bierling in his book “America First”.

Donald Trump has given his probably most loyal paladin one bigger task: the Coronavirus Task Force in the US. That Pence hasn’t exactly smeared himself with fame in this regard is not only apparent from Trump’s viral illness. On the other hand, it is also difficult to fight the coronavirus like the US president is at the same time the biggest propagator of misinformation in the pandemic.

Should the worst turn come in the case of Trump’s corona disease, Mike Pence would be sworn in as the new US president. He himself has been tested negative so far. For America’s liberals, a nightmare would have become a reality. The second after Donald Trump’s presidency.

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