His party fared far worse than expected from public opinion polls, which saw him garner about a third of US President Donald Trump’s support. Mitch McConnell, leader of the Republican Party, a majority party in the US Senate, said the transfer of power after the presidential election would be completed in a peaceful and orderly manner. The British media BBC reported this.

McConnell, a senior leader of the ruling party in the US, made the remarks when President Donald Trump made controversial remarks about the peaceful transfer of power after losing the election on Wednesday. Whether to hand over power peacefully if lost in November elections; Trump has refused to make any promises in this regard. His comment, if defeated, would first look at what really happened. According to a CNN report, he again voiced doubts about the postal vote.

In the United States, many people cannot vote in person because elections are held on weekdays. Some have trouble voting because they stay away from work to ensure the democratic rights of all such people, in that country. There is a provision to send the ballot by mail. Due to the Corona crisis this year, many voters expect this opportunity. Democrats have called for votes by mail, but Trump has opposed it since the beginning. He also pointed fingers at Democrats, stating that the vote could be rigged.

If the postal vote delays the results, it is thought that President Trump may be in trouble. He has been expressing doubts about the postal vote for almost six months. But experts and polling officials have dismissed Trump’s allegations, saying fraud or conspiracy is not possible in the process. President Donald Trump himself has made regular use of this process.

Republican leader Mitch McConnell said it doesn’t matter who wins the November 3 presidential election. The next thing is that the next president will take oath on 20 January.

On Thursday, McConnell added on Twitter that the winner of the November 3 election will be sworn in on January 20. The peaceful transfer of power from 1892 will be the same again.

Senator Lindsey Graham, a close aide of Trump among Republican lawmakers, has similarly promised a neutral election. “I think the transfer of power will be peaceful,” Graham told Fox News. However, he also said that this decision can be taken in the Supreme Court.

“If Republicans lose, we will accept the result,” Graham said. If the Supreme Court ruled in favor of Joe Biden, I would accept it.

Senator Mitt Romney reacted strongly to Trump’s remarks on Wednesday. He says it is unacceptable to think that the president will not follow the US Constitution.

The latest opinion poll shows that nationally Democratic candidate Joe Biden is still in a fairly favorable position. The position of both candidates is very close even in rival states. As a result, the results of this year’s election will be very competitive and postal voting is expected to play an important role.

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