The US Senate on Monday appointed Amy Connie Barrett as US Supreme Court judge. He was finalized as a judge in the Senate by a 52–46 vote. Later that night, 48-year-old Amy Connie Barrett was sworn in at the White House next to President Donald Trump. Trump nominated him for the position.

Since assuming office, the Supreme Court has appointed three of Trump’s favorite judges. With the latest appointment of Amy Connie Barrett, the Conservatives now lead the Supreme Court 6-3 on the Judgment Panel.

Earlier, Trump hired Neil Gorshek in 2016 and Brett Cavano in 2016.

The Supreme Court has an important role in US elections. As a result, the appointment of Amy Connie Barrett a week before the election is seen as positive for Trump. The Democrats united but failed to block his appointment.

The death of Supreme Court’s oldest Justice Ruth Beder Zinsberg has sparked controversy in the United States. Democrats wanted to see the seat vacant until the next president was sworn in. But in the end, Trump won the fight with the appointment of Amy Connie Barrett.

At the swearing-in ceremony, Trump described Barrett as one of the most talented legal experts in the United States. “Today is an important day for the United States and its constitution,” he said. This day is also important for the rule of law. ‘Source: Reuters, Voice of America

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