President Donald Trump has announced a new plan to get blacks to vote in the upcoming presidential election. The plan announced with the promise of strengthening their economy has been dubbed the ‘Platinum Plan’. According to a report by the CNN website, Trump announced the new plan on Friday, expanding existing economic measures.

In the last presidential election, Trump used the slogan “Make America Great Again” as a weapon. With this great America of his, he means America discovered by Columbus; Which is named white supremacy. Time-honored historian Howard Jean has written in his People’s History of America how white supremacy was established in this so-called America by killing and torturing indigenous people and robbing them of their resources and was named America’s Discovery. In contrast to the politics of that white supremacy, Trump hired people from different races and classes and occupations. He wanted to bring the division between them. Blacks and Muslims were its main targets. However, Trump wants to take a different route in this election.

Recently Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden said he trusted black voters to win the election. In contrast, Trump’s platinum plan promises to strengthen the black economy. It also promised to declare Juventine Day a public holiday, marking the end of slavery in the United States.

The plan brings the Ku Klux Klan, an organization of white supremacists, as well as Antifa, an anti-fascist and racist organization, to justice. Coincidentally, Trump’s anger against the Antifa organization is long overdue. He blamed the antifier for the violence that erupted during protests after the assassination of Black George Floyd.

Trump announced the platinum plan at a ceremony in the US state of Atlanta. He urged African-Americans to compare Joe Biden’s plan with his declared plan. Trump attacked Biden by announcing the new plan. He alleged that Biden has been in Congress for 46 years. During this time he harmed the blacks. However, according to a recent opinion poll, Biden is extremely popular among blacks.

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