Boris Johnson emphasized the seriousness of the situation after his corona infection. Donald Trump took a different route. That could cost him decisive votes in elections.

Shortly after leaving the hospital, the head of government posted a video message on Twitter: “It’s hard to find words to express my guilt.” The conservative politician thanked his fellow citizens who go to such lengths to protect themselves and others. And the hospital staff. Especially Jenny from New Zealand and Luis from Portugal, who were constantly at his bedside when things got critical. Only with her help has he been able to survive the infection with the corona virus.

Similarly, some of Trump’s campaign team members have envisioned his departure from the hospital. But the words are not of it Donald Trumpbut from the British Prime Minister Boris Johnson. He was seriously ill with the virus in the spring and spent seven days in hospital, three of which in intensive care.

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At first it downplayed the danger

Like Trump, Johnson had downplayed the danger of the virus in early March. He had visited a hospital and shook hands with everyone there, the prime minister said at a news conference. Just a few days later, the British government introduced stricter measures.

After his own infection, Johnson was more remorseful, wrote in late March an emotional letter and eventually turned to the British in serious terms in the video. In the meantime, his government has even managed to contain the pandemic in Great Britain, although corona cases are currently on the rise and Johnson is again under pressure.

Trump voted an other way. “I’ve learned a lot about the coronavirus and one thing is for sure: don’t let it dominate you. Don’t be afraid of it. You’ll fight it,” the president said after being taken back to the White House by helicopter from the hospital on Monday night . . “We have the best medical equipment, the best medicine,” said Trump, who is probably still contagious. After shooting the video on a White House balcony, he returned to his seat of government without a mask.

The campaign team hoped for different behavior

The US president did not say that most Americans would hardly receive such presidential treatment as Trump. Not even that more than 200,000 Americans have died of the disease. Instead, he said he felt better on weekends than he did 20 years ago. Trump announced that early on October 2 that he was infected with the corona virus. That evening he was admitted to Walter Reed Hospital. The White House initially declared the move as a precautionary measure. But later his doctor said Trump’s condition was more serious.

Visibly Signed: When he returns to the White House, it becomes clear how the coronavirus infection is affecting Trump. (Source: Chillreport / Reuters)

Campaign officials view Trump’s embassy as a missed opportunity, the New York Times writes. The president could have shown that Covid-19 was to be taken seriously, but that it could be fought. In this way, Trump could have addressed even more moderate groups of voters who turned away from him before the November 3 election.

It is not the first time that Trump has demonstrated his inability to show empathy. For example, in the 2015 election campaign, he mocked Republican Senator John McCain, who criticized him: “He’s a war hero because he was in custody. I prefer people who haven’t been arrested.”

The health of the president plays a big role

Later media reports, after which he called fallen soldiers “losers.”, Trump rejected. In parts of the veterans group, which is highly respected in the US, the impression that Trump had no respect for them could not be shaken off.

The fact is, you don’t have to worry.

Unclear information about Trump’s health can also negatively impact many Americans’ voting decisions. Because the health of the candidates plays an important role in the race for president. It was not for nothing that Trump nicknamed his Democratic challenger Joe Biden “Sleepy Joe” and “Slow Joe” to portray him as an old man.

With so much conflicting information from the White House about Trump’s health, many Americans don’t know what to believe. Instead, they see a president who probably hasn’t fully survived the infection yet, but is downplaying its consequences. And as the number of cases in the White House continues to rise, the likely still contagious maskless host walks right in the middle.

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