As US President Donald Trump struggled to win re-election, his two sons, Donald Trump Jr. and Eric Trump, have questioned the Republican role. He has complained that the party has become ‘weak’. The BBC cited Trump as having two sons.

On election night (November 3), Democrat candidate Joe Biden came close to getting 260 Electoral College votes. According to the American news agency APR Fox News, the number of electoral votes in his hands is 274. Meanwhile, results have not yet been announced in Pennsylvania, Nevada, North Carolina, Georgia and Alaska. Meanwhile, Biden is ahead in Nevada. And in Georgia and Pennsylvania, he is slowly narrowing the gap with President Donald Trump. Overall, his chances of winning are becoming clearer. Trump’s petitions to stop counting votes have been dismissed in various state courts over allegations of electoral fraud. Republicans are also angry that Trump declared himself the winner before the vote count was over.

In such a situation, Trump’s two sons Trump Jr. and Eric have taken a hand against Republicans.

The eldest son, Donald Trump Jr., wrote to Republican supporters on Twitter: ‘He has the right platform to show willpower and ability to struggle. On the contrary, they are getting confused in front of the media. There is no reason to worry. Donald Trump will fight. And as always, they just keep watching! ‘

Another Trump son Eric wrote angrily to Trump supporters, where are the Republicans! There should be some spine. Fight against this fraud. If you join the herd at this time, our voters will never forget you. ‘

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