Allegations of white supremacist propaganda against US President Donald Trump are not new. He campaigned for white supremacism, using the two concepts of “Make America Great Again” and “America First”. Since coming to power there has been a wide rise of neo-Nazism. The issue also came up in the first debate of the upcoming presidential election in the United States on Tuesday night at local time. However, Trump has refused to condemn white supremacists for inciting violence against protesters against police vandalism. In a report, US-based media CNN reported this news.

Controversial moderator Chris Wallace wants to know if Trump is ready to condemn white supremacists! In response, Trump said, “Who are you going to tell me to condemn them?” I want to ask them to stop. But what I have noticed is that almost everything (protest-focused violence) happening there happened from the left, not from the right. I want peace

Addressing the moderator, Trump said, “Why do you want me to condemn white supremacists?”

Trump also said that violence is not an issue created by conservatives.

Trump also mentioned the name of the white hegemonic organization Proud Boys in Tuesday’s debate. After wearing his organizational uniform in 2020, members of the organization campaigned for Trump.

Trump used the Make America Great Again as a campaign weapon. With this great America of his, he means America discovered by Columbus; Which is named white supremacy. Time-honored historian Howard Jean wrote in his People’s History of America how white supremacy was established in this so-called America by killing and torturing indigenous people and plundering their resources, and was named America’s Discovery. In contrast to the politics of that white supremacy, Trump hired people from different races and classes and occupations. He wanted to bring a split between them. He wants to provoke a wall of division in people’s minds, not just the Mexican border.

On 15 March 2019, half-a-hundred worshipers were shot dead in two New Zealand mosques by the anti-Muslim Australian Brenton Tarant. He called US President Donald Trump a “new symbol of white identity” and a “scary environment” for Muslims. In response to a question after the attack, Trump said that white nationalism was not a problem. He also refused to condemn white nationalists in this time’s election debate.

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