Turkey has the power to tear down a map: Erdogan

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has said that Ankara has the power to tear down the immoral map imposed on its country. He issued a warning, apparently due to tensions with Greece over the discovery of oil and gas in the Mediterranean Sea.Rajjab Tayyab Erdogan

Erdogan made this remark in a speech in the Gazette on Saturday. He said that he was aware of Turkish power in the coalition against Ankara.

Erdogan said that Greece would have to pay the ultimate price if the language of politics and diplomacy were not understood. Turkey has the necessary political, economic and military power to tear down the immoral maps and documents they show.

He said that Ankara was always ready for talks. We have enough honesty to negotiate. But the problem is that they do not recognize our rights.

Erdogan said that Greece should be prepared for a painful experience, if it does not sit for negotiations. Turkey is ready to face any situation.

Meanwhile, Turkey’s Ministry of Defense has announced a five-day joint military exercise with Turkey’s northern Cyprus in the Mediterranean Sea. Source: TRT World

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