The United States has imposed sanctions on Turkey on the purchase of S400 missile defense systems from Russia. According to a report by German media Deutsche Welle. The ban will apply to the agency responsible for purchasing Turkish military equipment and its allies.

Ankara pulled Ankara from its F-35 fighter jet program after Russia’s S-400 missile defense system fell to Turkey last year. It also threatened to ban Turkey.

The US has said that Turkey’s decision to buy the missile poses a threat to NATO policy and the US military. In the wake of the threat, President Trump imposed sanctions on Turkey towards the end of his term.

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said in a statement that the US had repeatedly told Turkey’s top leadership that if they bought the S400 system, it would be a concern for the safety of US troops. Russia will enter the Turkish defense forces and the defense industry. A lot of money will go to Russia’s defense. All of this is a cause for American concern. ‘

Pompeo said, there was also an alternative system in front of Turkey. NATO member countries use that system. Turkey is an important ally of the United States and a partner in regional security. The US wants to maintain historical ties with Turkey to maintain military cooperation. But to do so, the S400 barrier must be removed as soon as possible. ‘

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