Turkey will not move away from its position anywhere in the East or West. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan made this remark in a speech at the Halifax International Security Forum on Saturday. He spoke via video link.Rajjab Tayyab Erdogan

“Nowhere in the east or west do we have a chance to retreat,” Erdogan said. Apart from developing relations with Europe, we can never neglect Asia and Africa.

The Turkish President said that Turkey has strong ties with the West without ignoring the East.

Erdogan stated that Turkey is geographically an African-Eurasian country. As a result, it is not only wrong for us to diplomatically confine ourselves to a narrow structure; this is impossible.

Erdo do also spoke of Turkey’s recent understanding with Russia. “We do not see recent intensive cooperation with Russia as an alternative to long-established relations with the US,” he said.

“We take our position in NATO very seriously,” he said. We are members of this alliance for 6 years. Turkey’s border is also NATO’s border. ‘

Erdogan said Turkey has made significant contributions to the NATO alliance in Afghanistan, Kosovo, Iraq, the Black Sea, the Mediterranean and other regions. Ankara should have carried a heavy burden.

The Turkish President said that Turkey would not allow anyone to question the truth with narrow political objectives.

Erdogan was speaking at a time when there was a rift between the two countries during the visit of US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to Turkey a few days ago. During that visit, Pompeo also met only with Christian religious leaders. He did not hold a formal meeting with any Turkish official. Pompeo also told of the Karabakh war in a meeting with religious leaders. He claims that the United States is the leader in overcoming the humanitarian crisis in the conflict between Azerbaijan and Armenia.

Western countries, including the United States and France, disagree on Turkey’s Karabakh issue. In this conflict, Azerbaijan won a major victory under the auspices of Turkey. Later a ceasefire agreement was signed between the two countries with the mediation of Russia. As per the agreement, the Russian Army has already been deployed in the jail. Due to legal restrictions, Turkey has received parliamentary approval to deploy Turkish troops in the region. However, many western countries are not happy about Ankara’s cooperation with Moscow.

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