‘Turkey’s war with Greece is just a matter of time’

Devalle Bahkeli, the head of Turkey’s National Movement Party, has announced that it was a matter of war with Greece. The Middle East Monitor reported on Friday that the Arabic-language news outlet New Khalej had reported the incident.

Tensions between Turkey and Greece are increasing over the delimitation of the Mediterranean Sea and the discovery of hydrocarbon minerals. On Thursday, NATO chief Jens Stoltenberg announced that Greece had agreed to sit down with Turkey to resolve the tension. However, the country has denied the announcement.

“It is unacceptable to deviate from our historical interests in the Mediterranean and the Aegean Sea,” said Devle Bahekli in a statement. This situation seems to have rekindled Greece’s hunger and desire to drown in the sea. The war with Greece in the Mediterranean and Aegean is still time.

“Greece has again set its sights on occupying our territory,” he said. The lands from which we extracted them 96 years ago. We are facing new business plans.

Devlet, an ally of Turkey’s ruling Erdogan Party, said that from now on, Greece’s behavior would determine the heightened tension, which would lead to bloodshed.

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