Donald Trump wants to cancel the upcoming TV duel with Joe Biden. The president is breaking the rules again – and for good reason.

It’s an understandable decision that the upcoming TV duel between Donald Trump and Joe Biden should take place virtually. The president has the coronavirus and the White House does not provide reliable information on when and how seriously Trump became infected. So you don’t know how long it is contagious.

Not to mention his environment of consultants and employees, also contaminated with Covid.

A debate in a TV studio would pose such a health risk: to the audience, to the moderator and technician, to Biden and his team. That is why the Commission hosting the debates was decided on Thursday.

Trump could still haggle

Donald Trump disagrees. His swift cancellation for Thursday’s appointment went around the world like breaking news: he doesn’t want a virtual one. He says. It may be that the president changes his mind or that his team wants to build up negotiating pressure with the cancellation so that the format changes.

Since the incumbent player is clearly behind in the polls, he actually needs the second of three TV duels in total to change the mood. And yet his pinching makes sense in a way. From Trump’s point of view, there are three reasons for not holding the virtual duel.

First: a TV duel that would take place almost for the first time would be a symbol of his failure in the Corona crisis, both in the grand scheme of things and in dealing with his own illness. The plexiglass windows in the sex duel on Wednesday were a symbol. Trump himself wants to avoid such symbolism at all costs. A symbolism that shows that he has done something wrong or makes him appear weak. That’s why he left the hospital early so he tore off his mask when he, the contagious Covid patient, went back to the White House.

Second, a TV duel that is pretty much happening also makes it more difficult for Trump to implement the bulldozer tactics he knew from the first debate. Switching is worse disturb, attack and insult. Trump should be more compliant and give up control. The president, who sometimes says aloud what others think only in silence, said in an interview that contradicts him: “They can mute you whenever they want.”

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Third, the second of a total of three TV duels is designed as a so-called ‘town hall’: a citizens consultation hour where the candidates answer questions from voters. Trump does not like this format because he usually does not respond to questions from citizens. Joe Biden, who isn’t usually a great debater, can do this much better. He probably would have looked better than the president.

Trump may still be able to push through other rules with his rejection. An open-air debate is conceivable. Since the event is in Miami, it would be warm enough for that. In a virtual civilian clinic, the president, who considers himself a strong man, clearly feels in too weak a position.

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