BVB player Moukoko has broken the record as the youngest Champions League participant. There was now also a record use in table tennis – by two twelve year olds.

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The German table tennis champion 1. FC Saarbrücken had an unexpectedly easy match at the start of the Champions League final tournament in Düsseldorf. Due to the corona-related failure of the entire first team, Austrian opponent SPG Walter Wels only came into action on Friday evening with a substitute, which also included two young players of only twelve years old.

According to their club, the two talents Julian Rzihauschek and Petr Hodina are the youngest table tennis players to ever play in the Champions League.

Exclusion from all European competitions

In Saarbrücken’s easy 3-0 victory, Rzihauschek lost his single to German national player Patrick Franziska in 0-3 sets. Hodina also had no chance against the Slovenian Darko Jorgic. With the Austrians, player Adam Szudi tested positive for the corona virus shortly before leaving for Düsseldorf. Although the tests with his teammates and coach David Huber were negative, they were also not allowed to travel to this tournament.

As the club said it would be threatened with exclusion from all European competitions next year in the event of a non-appearance in the Champions League, the two young hopefuls and a second team player were sent to Germany at short notice. Due to the corona pandemic, the entire Champions League season will be played in one place in the form of a tournament in just eight days.

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